A thesis to initiate a new dialectic

"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

Max Planck

I thought he died! (The Mandela Effect) Reality is not what you think it is!

Physicists understand that their latest theory can describe the workings of a neon sign to an accuracy only limited by Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle,  but cannot predict what the sign says.

When the neon sign is the Universe a true Theory of Everything must not only describe how it works but predict what it says and which direction it is pointing.

This theory is based on attempting to design a model that takes in all the physical phenomena Physcists, Mathematicians, Artists, Writers Occultists have expressed about what they observe externally and how it makes them feel internally.

It is my life's work and therefore cannot be a complete theory as I have not read, spoken to or observed every human who has ever had the opportunity or desire to create any prior art.

I am calling any interested thinkers to engage in the dialectic confront the paradoxes and help me fill in the holes in this theory. 


If we consider the ancient Hermetic Maxim "All is Vibration" as a valid explanation of the Universe we observe reflected in the modern quantum world view that all phenomena is a wave function. Then we arrive at the understanding that the foundation of our language to explain this universe mathematics is geometry and number. We can't understand mathematics by either either number or geometry alone. They are both required. To visualize number and its functions we have to graph it which requires geometry. Now we see that number is concerned with frequency and geometry is concerned with wavelength united by velocity which has no limit at the Planck level of reality but has to collapse to a value at the Einstein scale of the Universe to make the infinities observable.

Shayne Murray BTLP

Big Toe Lead Philosopher

Hylozoism is alive and well!

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