The Holographic Universe

Our Universe is mind numbing in size but it's not infinite. It is a finite manifold floating within an infinite multiverse energy field. The limits of our Universe are set by the Planck Units any thing outside of these limits is outside of the physics of our space time and therefore not directly observable.

The physical diameter of the torus manifold that our space time skins  is equal to the inverse of the Planck length and it's life cycle in the time dimension is the inverse of the Planck second. You can look up these values and do a quick calculation and see this easily provides enough space and time to hold a Universe as far as current estimates of the size and age of the Universe go.

Our Universe undergoes a regular expansion and contraction like a big heart and the constants that the size of the manifold set, such as the speed of light, strength of the four forces gravity, strong, weak and electromagnetic vary in phase with it.

The energy field of the multiverse (m-space) is a hot constant temperature sea of ultra fine particles called dilatinos as described in the Special case of this theory, that space time oscillates within.

Paradoxically the closest state of matter that approximates this field is the ultra-cold Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) The BEC state becomes manifest below 3.3125 degrees Kelvin the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation of deep space is equivalent to a black body radiation of 2.72548 degrees Kelvin at these temperatures the individual boson energy of the CMB photon in space time and the dilatino in m-space behave as one field. The BEC states studied in laboratories allow scientists to model the conditions within the incredibly hot and dense conditions within a neutron star.

The entangled dilatinos that make up the space time building block of matter the dilaton equivalent to the concept of the Higgs boson have a mass is equal to the Planck mass divided by Avogadro's number they have a feeble mono-pole magnetic charge approximating the permeability of the vacuum times the Planck length. The dilaton or Higgs boson mass is not constant and varies between a neutrino and the Planck mass every Planck second. The chance of measuring the Planck Mass is extremely rare as it occurs in the middle of the phase period of the Planck second and the commonly observed virtual masses are observed at the end of the Planck second phase in the pink noise of the dilatino Dirac sea.

This infinite reservoir of constant entropy powers the universe. What we call the big bang is a result of the ideal gas law where the quantity of space time pixels called Calabi-Yau manifolds in string theory in our flat screen TV universe.

The volume enclosed by the Universe manifold expands to cool from the incredibly hot Planck temperature past the median temperature of the multiverse energy field  to absolute zero before contracting again to heat up in an eternal cycle.

In a advanced theory of our Physics called M-Theory the Universe has 11 dimensions, 10 space and 1 time. 7 space dimensions are hidden within the Pixel of space time called the Calabi-Yau Manifold described in the special case of this theory.

That leaves 4 dimensions 3 space and 1 time.

The space dimensions are considered three axis on a real number line to create the cube of real property or "Lebensraum" both on and off world that wars are fought over.

Time then mathematically is imaginary. It lies on the imaginary number line at right angles to the other three space dimensions. The word "imaginary" number line is a quaint relic of the famous philosopher Rene Descartes derogatory comment about it, when he couldn't get his head around the concept. (Note to self never publicly denounce anything as rubbish as you might prove to be wrong at some point in the future.)

That's not the end of it but one of the space dimensions has a problem it appears to be on a logarithmic scale compared to the other two. Because all the physic's on the cosmological scale point to a "flat" universe.

Now we can't notice it.

Consider a gold fish in a featureless tank. The height of the water in his spherical tank is the problematic dimension. The higher he goes the further across the diameter of the tank he travels and so unless he has very precise instruments he can't discriminate between his three axis of freedom.

Consider a hologram. When light that was used to construct the hologram is shown through a photographic film a 3D illusion appears above it.

The interference pattern that was used to create the image on the photographic plate lies within the nano meter thickness of the film emulsion.

Our existence hangs above a substrate of the calabi-yau pixels and science has only just detected it. Something the shamans, mystics, occultists, and artist's throughout history have known but described using different language.

This substrate of calabi-yau pixels is like the copper carrying the cable TV signal into your house, it carry's many channels or parallel universe's, the heavens and hell's of our religions. 

It is this philosophers opinion that this thin film itself is curved into a torus manifold which expands and contracts through a space time pixel generation mechanism at the center of the torus we call the big bang.

Not only are their parallel universes but serial ones as well. 

Say hello to our Universe family album of possible configurations from the equations of spherical harmonics.

Our Universe is the middle child perfectly balanced between all extremes. The one that looks like a baby's double dummy. The yellow torus shape is where we live top and bottom are the two reservoirs of Dilatons that cyclically inflate and deflate our torus. The whole manifold is immersed in the hot bath of Dilatinos that make up the Dirac Sea of the multiverse. The blue Dilatons are opposite spin to the yellow ones that the calabi-yau are fabricated from keeps the net angular momentum zero.

The spherical harmonic maths describing these shapes is described at the Wolfram site.

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