The New Mathematics

An engineer thinks that his equations are an approximation to reality. A physicist thinks reality is an approximation to his equations. A mathematician doesn't care. (Mathematician Jokes)

One of the foundations of this theory is the concept that the Universe we exist in is a finite Universe floating within an infinite Multiverse containing the set of parallel and serial finite universes called the Unified Field.

The five Universal constants that define this physical Universe and can be set to 1 in Planck units are:

  1. the speed of light in a vacuum
  2. the gravitational constant
  3. the reduced Planck constant
  4. the Coulomb constant,
  5. the Boltzmann constant

This means that the ubiquitous infinite set of real numbers in traditional mathematics is not part of our measurable Universe and therefore exists outside of the laws of physics. This frees Quantum strangeness such as entanglement, and Einstein's spooky action at a distance from having to conform with the known laws resting on the constants listed above (which aren't actually constant over the life of the universe).

Don't get me wrong infinity is still a valid concept that has a place in our theory its just quantized within our universe.

Mathematicians have known since last century that the strict yard measure of the scientific method based on reproduce-able experiment and measurement of real numbers is based on a flawed premise the definition of a real number has never been carried out with the rigorous precision that all other physical constructs must prove before being considered science.

The success of technology based on the approximation of equations in order to avoid the pesky infinities that keep popping up in theories where the divisor ends up equal to zero has ensured that this fact remains like a dark family secret that can't be spoken of openly in polite society.

This explosion of high technology where sedate mathematical debate was replaced with the military madness brought on by the most expensive project in man's known history (in current $USD) the Manhattan project, I believe is squarely to blame.

It's still being paid off by the US Tax payer as this graph shows. A public educated in the mathematical concept of exponential growth of compound interest would know that this Government debt added to by the war on terror will never be able to be reduced let alone paid back without the austerity measures likely to ensure a second American revolution.

A real but quiet revolution has been underway on the subject of infinite sets and the whole manner in which mathematics is taught in order to ensure only the elite have access to the mathematical tools to make sense of economics and its hand maiden political history.

A couple of videos from my personal favorite mathematical gurus are shown below: