Beyond the Standard Model

Spherical pressure waves

The Unified Field of the Multiverse visualized as a perfect super fluid of Bosonic condensate plasma, a hot constant temperature entropic bath (Temperature equal to the Planck Temperature divided by Avogadro's Number 2.35E+08 K) the median point that the large scale universe oscillates around from the Planck Temperature to absolute zero and back again in an eternal expansion and contraction cycle.

This Dirac sea is composed of the ultimate particle the Dilatino (Symbol d)with mass equal to the Planck Mass divided by the Avogadro Number (3.22E-68 eV) surrounding a Calabi-Yau Pixel of Space time the Dilaton this field is outside of space-time and does not transmit (is black to) any of the four forces directly but allows the Calabi-Yau Pixels of space time to resonate between them selves. Energy moves through them sequentially resulting in the speed of light.

This true point particle mass is the result of its feeble monopole magnetic charge equal to the Anomalous magnetic dipole moment of the electron divided by the Avogadro Number a ratio of 1,93E-27,

The H field and B field of Magnetism is observed within magnetic materials and is not discussed in basic electromagnet theory. One of those pesky anomalies that has no easy way to describe theoretically with one neat equation.

The way we are taught electromagnetic theory at school is to insinuate that the electron is the source of all magnetic phenomena and we fail to draw the students attention to the fact that magnetic field phenomena is observed in particles smaller than the electron such as photons and neutrino's which also have no net electric charge.

The dual magnetic field nature within crystal structures indicate the dual nature of two Tusi Couple Dilatino's moving in two different orbits at the very fundamental unified field level space time is built on.

One is circular and one is back and forward motion. One the speed is constant in the other we see acceleration from zero to light speed cyclically.

The H field arises from stationary nodes as the (Red dot) Dilatino reaches zero speed at the circumference and in SI Units is measured in Amperes per Meter.

The B field arises from moving circular current (Black Dot) and in SI units is measured in Tesla's.

The Tusi Couple the special case of the Hypocycloid where the ratio of the large circle diameter to the small is 2, is where two entangled Dilatino's orbit one another. This duet forms the Dilaton (Symbol D) the source of all forces within the 7 hidden dimensions within the calabi yau space time pixel.

The 7 hidden and 4 dimensions of the Einstein Universe make up the 11 dimensions of M theory

The black constant spin entangled Dilatino is the Graviton and transmits the gravity force. This archetypal rotation is the reason all particles under the influence of gravity rotate.

The Red particle whose velocity is cosine theta of the angle between the two varies between zero and light speed creating together with another two partners spaced 120 degrees apart all the hadron particles of the Standard model as the varying velocity generates the mass and varying charge according to the mathematics of spherical harmonics.

This mass varies from the matter particles on the accelerating phase to the Planck mass and back down through all the anti-matter particles on the decelerating phase.

These three sets of entangled Dilatons moving at the speed of light are the Gluons of quantum chromodynamics, that build the more massive hadron particles.

The single form of the Dilaton with a sub light speed couplet cloud forms the electron and neutrino families.

Tunnelling Electron

In Jean-Christophe Benoist's classic image of the tunnelling effect of an electron we see a cloud of Dilaton's pass through the barrier as a ghostly reflection before merging back into the Dilaton Dirac sea that makes up space time.

The energy of this dispersal is then available to any particle whose Dilatino's are moving with the same speed this explains the way Neutrino's mass energy can change between the electron, muon and tau versions apparently violating the laws of energy conservation.

This Dirac sea has the properties of an superfluidity and energy is transmitted instantly through it which provides for the super luminal effects of quantum effects or spooky action at a distance as Einstein called it.

Indeed the Neutrino is the key to understanding the nature of the Dilaton. The Neutrino is a resonance in the separated fourfold force field of the standard model. It is the pointer to the finer structure within the electron that takes it's nature from the unified field of the unentangled Dilatino sea that is the ultimate nature of our finite universe and the gateway to probing the nature of the infinite multiverse.

Calabi-Yau Manifold

The Calabi Yau Field of Space Time provides the mass of all particles observed in the large hadron collider. These are the pixels of the universal flat screen TV that the drama of the days of our lives plays out on. The grid is a Bravais lattice that provides a cubeoctahedron 3D structure in accordance with the closest packing of spheres. This 12 nodes surrounding a synthesis thirteenth is the template for the standard model and its twelve fold way of describing matter with the thesis of fermions and the antithesis of the bosons. The pyramid relationship between layers is the inverse square law of radiation we observe in nature. The black space can be visualized as the Dilatino Unified Field of dark energy.